Many of us would like to fire our boss, and actually become our own boss. Many of us would like to work from home. No more commuting to and from work in the morning/evening rush hour, or that dreaded 3rd shift/night shift. Imagine being able to stay at home and see more of your children, and/or your partner, and/or your pet(s). Working the hours that suited you. Taking holidays on the dates that you want, not the only dates you are told are available. Imagine being able to have no limit imposed on your income by your employer. Taking lunch breaks when you wanted them, for as long as you want them. Is it possible? Can it be done?

Yes – BUT, and there is a ‘but’ – this is NO get rich quick scheme, and this is NO scam. The ability to MAKE MONEY HONESTLY through Wealthy Affiliate is available to anybody with a PC, but it’s not suitable for everybody. You need to put in some groundwork first. All businesses need to be set up correctly before they are ‘launched’. You can however set your business up without it costing you a cent in real money, but you need to put in several hours of work to get your business set up, although you can do this at a time to suit you. An hour here, a few hours there.

Let me tell you a true story. My own story about setting up my first business.

Way back in 1983, having already spent a number of years in the travel industry, a friend of mine suggested we set up our own travel business. We put a plan together over several days which went into weeks as we were both working full time at the same travel agency. I sold my car, he sold some of his possessions, and we scraped together about US$5000/UK£3500. Remember, this was THIRTY years ago. We found an office to rent, signed a 25 year lease (yes, I know, we were mad), got some office equipment, advertised in the local papers, and – fortunately the phone began ringing from day one – but – it was more by luck than good business sense. Looking back, years later, I realized we had taken a reckless gamble, but, being the travel industry, and opening at the height of the holiday season, we got off to a good start – but it could have quite easily gone the other way.

You don’t have to do ANY of that. Fast forward 30 years or so and what do we have? We have the INTERNET which readily gives us a potential customer base of some 2 BILLION PEOPLE. We have search engines, ultra-mega-whatever FAST broadband connections, and the ability to ACCESS  everything YOU need to know to MAKE MONEY HONESTLY with MMH and Wealthy Affiliate. I tell you this. 30 years ago, if we’d have had the internet, I would never have set up the business I did. I would have KILLED for this opportunity (not literally, but you get my meaning!)

Here’s what you DON’T NEED to start up your business:

PREMISES (other than your home). Or office equipment and furniture. (presuming you already have a PC, a PC desk, and a chair!)

A WAY OF GETTING TO WORK (other than getting to your home!)

STAFF (When your business takes off you can decide if you need help running it)

MONEY (other than the ability to pay your internet service provider and your energy bill – but you have to pay those anyway).

Here’s what you DO need to start up your business. By now you will see that I’m an honest guy, and I will pull no punches here. This is my honest opinion, based on my experience in business.

PATIENCE. Don’t expect to start making money in an hour, a day, a week, or even a month. Allow yourself to LEARN before you EARN. You also need to decide what you are going to sell (your ‘niche’) but this is covered in the online tutorials. Don’t worry about it at the moment.

TIME. Everybody setting up a business needs to put in some groundwork. If you are new to internet marketing you have to be prepared to learn how to do it right. It’s far easier to learn how to do it wrong. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the RIGHT WAY.

A PC and an internet connection, and it helps if you have a quiet part of your home to learn and work in, away from any distractions, like children, animals, the TV, radio, etc. You may be able to work with all these around you. Personally, I can’t.

A FREE starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate (just click on the link on this page and follow the instructions). The starter membership will get you started – plus a LOT more. When you have ‘settled in’ you have access to more facilities through the Premium Membership. The Premium Membership WILL cost you (a relatively small amount of) money (see the Starter/Premium comparison chart for what you get with each type of membership, on the MMH & Wealthy Affiliate page) but as I’ve said on the preceding pages, this is if and when you decide to upgrade. Personally, I think Premium Membership is a bargain. It’s a small price to pay for the quality of training and facilities you are going to receive at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s nothing compared to what I paid out 30 years ago in advance rent, a telephone system, stationery, a logo-designer, office furniture, legal fees, trade association fees, advertising bills and a lot more – and all that was before the full-time staff, with their full-time domestic problems, their days off sick. their ‘off-days’ when they weren’t actually off sick… (you get the picture?).

LASTLY – To have any kind of success you MUST be able to build a well presented website. You get TWO FREE WEBSITES with Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to build them up. One big tip here which many people don’t tell you. If you can’t spell, PLEASE get your website content spell-checked before you ‘publish’ it, or better still, ask me or one of the other WA members to proof-read it first. PRESENTATION, and CONTENT (what you write about) is EXTREMELY important.

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through a link on this MMH website, I become your ‘helper’. This costs you nothing, and I will answer any queries you may have as soon as I can. I am usually online EVERY day. Better still for you, as a starter member you have access to discussions, live support for the first seven days, 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days, and other invaluable features. Within the first 7 days I strongly recommend dedicating yourself to the training with the support, and you will usually have an offer to upgrade to Premium Membership at a hugely discounted price for the first month. My personal recommendation here is to work through the Beginner Training Course and set up the basics of  one of your free websites, and on Day 6 decide if you want to upgrade if the special offer is still available. This gives you access to another 30 days of training with the full benefits of Premium Membership, before paying the next months full premium. Don’t miss the deadline for the upgrade offer, because it may save you the best part of US$30/UK£20 on the cost of your first months Premium Membership.

Remember I said that way back in 1983 my friend and I invested US$5000 in our first business? How much would that be in ‘today’s money’ ? – Well, take two zero’s off the end of our 1983 opening capital and your second months Premium Membership will only cost you slightly less than that, just under US$50. Take the free membership offer, and the beginners training, and decide for yourself if you want (and can afford) to upgrade. Personally, when I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I had made up my mind to upgrade after 24 hours, with no regrets. That is the confidence that I have in WA, their training and the wonderful friendly community you will find there. It’s really a ‘no-brainer’ as they say, but you needn’t take my word for it. It will COST YOU NOTHING to try it out. Wishing you success! – Dave.

Any questions? I hope I have given you a good insight into what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it can change your life, for the better of course. I will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have. Just leave a question or a comment in the box at the foot of this page and I will get back to you very soon. – Dave.


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