Scammers Targets & How To Avoid Being Scammed

Firstly, the best piece of advice that I can give someone on how to spot an internet marketing scam is to remember the often quoted saying, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is “

HOWEVER – Note the word “probably” – not the word ‘definitely’ – because, as you’ve probably also heard from time to time, there are exceptions to every rule, and internet marketing is no different to anything else in this regard. But, let’s put this aside for one moment and we’ll come back to it at another time.

Although I may be stating the obvious, common-sense should start the alarm bells ringing in our head when our thought process starts to give us signals that something isn’t right. I call these signals ‘seeds of doubt‘ – and over the years time and time again my seeds of doubt have proved to be right, and, if ignored, the seeds grow bigger each week. I have found that if you don’t take evasive action at the ‘seeds’ stage, you have a much bigger problem on your hands if you let the reason for those ‘seeds’ (your worries and/or concerns) develop.

What you must remember is that most scammers are clever people. They may be sly, cunning, devious, and all sorts of other things but they are actually quite clever, unfortunately. They break people down by a fairly simple form of brainwashing. First of all, most people want more money than they’ve got. Some people need it to cover basic bills and living expenses, some want it to replace something they have with something better, like a newer car and some want it so they can live a very extravagant lifestyle, with fast luxury cars, fancy designer clothes, exotic vacations etc. Let’s group these people into three. Those that have comparatively little money, (Reds), Replacers, improvers and upgraders, (Blues), and the cash splashers, (Greens). The chances are, most people fall into one of these categories.

1) The REDs, the people that are probably living virtually ‘hand-to-mouth’, don’t want money. They need money. Without it they may not be able pay their household bills, their rent or their mortgage, or their transportation costs. A scammer will target these people by offering to take away their worries, concerns, insecurities, sleepless nights, pressure from their spouse, etc. etc.  The human mind does not like WORRY, INSECURITY, STRESS, LACK OF SLEEP etc. so these are the vulnerable points for this group of people.

2) The BLUEs. Items that most people think are necessary do not last forever. At some point they need to be replaced or improved/upgraded. Again it is the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ – needing to replace something, and wanting to upgrade something. For example, a TV or a car. Whether you need it or you want to upgrade it, you still need money to do it. The human being usually wants to improve his/her quality and enjoyment of life, sometimes to keep up with the neighbors or in an attempt to go ‘one-up’ on them. So these people are concerned and worried too if they haven’t got the money to replace and/or upgrade. These people can be targeted for their NEED, or their DESIRE to replace, possibly in an attempt to IMPRESS someone. These are all human traits that can be targeted.

3) The GREENs. You only live once, right? Probably. So there are people who want the best that money can buy, but they need plenty of money to do it. Many people want lots of it, don’t actually need much of it, but in their opinion they don’t have enough of it. This is the easiest group for the scammers to target. This group of people are used to paying out money for the things that they want, but don’t actually need, but the problem is, they want more and more, or something better, of what they don’t need. Again, DESIRE is a factor, as is GREED, the need to IMPRESS, and the need to SATISFY a desire to spend, or, as I put it, a DESIRE to ACQUIRE. These people’s urges are so great that their common-sense and negative thoughts about something can easily be over-ridden.

All of these groups need or want to make money. A scammer, con-man, fraudster, etc. etc. will break down a person’s negative thoughts by over-riding them with positive ones. For example ‘Get out of debt’/ ‘Pay off your debts’ ‘Get that car or vacation you’ve always wanted, or that big house you’ve always dreamed of’ etc. with promises of QUICK AND EASY money – because these are other human traits; impatience and laziness. Get rich quick schemes are particularly for ‘the Reds’ who are desperate or ‘the Greens’ who must have that car, or vacation etc., as soon as possible. These people very often have something in common – near-maxed out credit cards. The ‘Blues’ are the group that are most careful with their money, because the fact that they have things that need replacing or upgrading means that they probably have had them for some time and have gotten their full use out of them. This is usually the hardest group for the scammers to target.

So, in summary, a scammer will attempt to give people a solution to their worries and concerns, and exploit their desires and greed etc. with claims of easy money. Most people, it is fair to say, would like easy money, rather than hard earned money. Now, here once more, is a reality check. Neither MMH or Wealthy Affiliate recommend, sell or endorse GRQ’s (Get Rich Quick schemes).  We take the longer route, but the rewards are potentially greater, and certainly much more honest. We believe in building a business of value, integrity and honesty.


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