Can Anyone Make Money Honestly ?

I’m often asked the question “Can anyone make money honestly ?” and my answer to this, is, “Yes, anyone can, but everyone can’t” – which sometimes leads to a few puzzled looks until I explain exactly what I mean.

To begin with, the human being is a complex creature, and we are all different. Some for example, like to care for and love animals, like I do, and some like nothing more than to blast their innocent lives away with a gun. Very different. Some of us want to make money honestly, some would prefer to make it by dishonest, or even criminal means. Of those that wish to make it honestly, there is a percentage of procrastinators, those that will put it off until tomorrow, and when tomorrow becomes ‘today’ they put it off until tomorrow – again. I’m like that with gardening and decorating.

There are those who are not willing to put the work in, to achieve the rewards for their endeavors, and then they’ll happily blame their lack of success on something else. There are some that put the work in, but the quality of it leaves a lot to be desired, for various reasons. There are some who don’t publicize their work (website) in the right manner, and so it goes unnoticed by the very people they want to sell to. There are some that get despondent and leave – the quitters, who possibly haven’t got the patience or the self-confidence to see things through.

If you are prepared to work hard to set up and publicize your online business, which is usually in the form of a website, you stand a very good chance of making a lot of money from it. There are, in fact, a great deal of ways to make money online, honestly. That doesn’t mean you cannot buy something for a dollar and sell it for five hundred, as I have done in the past. If you are lucky enough to buy something that you know is worth $500 and it only costs you $1 it’s not really being dishonest is it? – although I would feel very guilty if I did, personally. I had no idea that the item I paid $1 for was worth anything at all; I just liked the look of it.

So, in conclusion, anyone, as long as they’re able-bodied, sane, and with a PC and internet connection can start a business, with the help of the right people, but not everyone will, because they simply do not have what it takes to be successful online. Those with the determination to succeed and who are prepared to make the effort most likely will be successful – if they choose the right people to learn from. That is why I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate, because WA will teach you everything you need to know about how to make a career in internet marketing, from choosing your niche, building your website, and getting it publicized with the search engines, and a lot more besides.

MMH  and Wealthy Affiliate will show and teach you how you can be successful, but you’ve got to want it, work hard at it, and always be prepared to learn new things in an ever changing market. You CAN do it. Just prove it to yourself – but don’t start tomorrow – because tomorrow never comes. It costs nothing to sign up for Starter Membership to Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the link on this page and following the clear and easy instructions. Wishing you success – Dave.

Any questions? I am here to help, and nearly always here! Just leave a question or a comment in the box at the foot of this page and I will get back to you very soon! – Dave.

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