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IMG_0194 Hello and welcome to MMH, specifically, how to Make Money Honestly, from the often mind-boggling world of internet marketing. How to avoid being scammed, and how to avoid unintentionally scamming your customers.

My name is Dave Ackerman. I live in the UK and have two children, both now adults themselves. Firstly that’s my real name, and the photograph here is really me. Throughout this website, known by its initials MMH, the theme running through it is H for Honesty. It is just as important, in my opinion, as the MM, which is of course, to help you Make Money. So if you are Honest, and want to Make Money, you are in the right place. That’s a good start!

A little bit about me here. I have extensive experience, nearly 25 years, in the travel industry, about 13 years of which were running my own travel business. I sold my first travel business to my business partner and founded the second business which I took from Zero to £2 million turnover (about $3.5 million) in the first calendar year, and I made a good profit.

During my time building this business up the business became computerized, having started life using a couple of old Amstrad word processors. It was then that my love for computers and the online world started to take off. I began to see the potential for operating a business online, as the internet developed.

I began by selling items on eBay, mainly vinyl records, and had some truly amazing sales. My love affair with buying and selling online had begun.

Some visitors to this page may also recognize me as one of the co-founders of the 4A (Action Against Animal Abuse) groups on Facebook. We have a network of nearly 70 groups and pages devoted to animal abuse awareness, animal welfare, animal rights, related causes and petitions, rescue and re-homing, against the abuse of vulnerable innocent humans and against the abuse and exploitation of our planet. The main group  www.facebook.com/groups/4A.org has over 13,000 members and it is growing daily. Our site map is at www.facebook.com/4A.Site.Map if you wish to join us.

I’m not going to bore you with any more ‘About Me’ – that’s not what this website is about, so thanks for reading this, and please check out my other far more interesting pages.

Any questions? I am here to help, and nearly always here! Just leave a question or a comment in the box at the foot of this page and I will get back to you very soon! – Dave.

Wishing you success. – Dave.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Laurie Neilio says:

    Hi Dave, Nice to see you here! This is a great idea for all who care for animals. It is an expensive effort and I for one, do without some things to make it happen.
    I will finish looking into this and spread the word if its ok.
    Thanks for bringing good things to us on FB.
    Laurie Neilio

    1. admin says:

      Hi Laurie, Thanks for the comment, and yes, please spread the word. If you or any of your friends are interested in learning about marketing online, Wealthy Affiliate is a great community, the training is absolutely first class, and you can become a member without it costing a cent. Then, members can see how they like it and then they can become Premium Members if and when they want to. Absolutely no obligation, and no hard-sell. I’ve been here a while and I love the place. I would have joined months before if I’d have known about it. I’d been interested in learning about internet marketing for years but didn’t know where to start. If you have any questions just send me a message. – Dave.

  2. Keith Klyver says:

    Hi David! Really nice site! I like what you said that everyone can’t . I see so much how WA can work especially with jaaxy.
    What more could you ask for? I do have a site that does not look great. The togglebar doesn’t work, so I may have to upgrade the theme. Yes…it is passive and people are going to it! Yes…I really like animals. My wife and I take care of 15 cats. Some feral. I have no idea how somebody could think it is fun to kill an animal? I think they must be reptilian aliens, cause nobody in thier right mind could be so cold and unfeeling. I think the rate that people stay in WA is about 20%? Seems like gold to me…if I can just keep with it. It is scam free and that keeps me going. So many like MLM where nobody cares about the product. WA has a great product! If you can leave a comment on my site I need to have engagement for SEO.Thank you..if you can. Anyway…You have a nice site! I like that the way you talk it connects with the average Joe. Talk with you later Keith

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Keith, I’ll take a look at your site and my very best wishes for your online success. Keep in touch. – Dave.

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